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Firearms training including multi-state firearm permits.

Fingerprinting services via a portable fingerprinting station for various applicant or licensure requirements (examples: medical / nursing licensure, insurance / broker licensure, firearm permit applicants, etc...) or for safety reasons such as ChildSafe or Elderly / Alzheimer's purposes.

School Patrols supporting School Police or School Resource Officers during school / campus hours and for all school events such as field trips or sporting events on or off campus. Note that unlike School Police who may be limited to the school campus and bus routes constables have statewide jurisdiction and authority. Also note that we can do so without becoming employees of the School District and are Bonded and Insured; 

State Certified under ACT 44 & ACT 49 by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Certifications include Court Services, non-lethal weapons (ex: baton, OC/Pepper Spray, etc...) and firearms certifications.

Arrest on View for any felony ,or for any breaches or disturbances of the peace (ex: disorderly conduct).

Code enforcement; enforcement of any local ordinance for which a fine or penalty is imposed.

Collect local taxes.

Property recovery (generally court ordered).

Assist with Landlord - Tenant issues (generally court ordered)

Local patrol of their baliwick (borough / township / city from which they are elected) in order to deter or detect; this function is commonly reserved for those communities that lack their own police services or have only a part time police presence; constables do not commonly replace the police as first responders.

Peacekeeping Patrols.

Direct and control traffic.

Poll / Election Day duties.

Peacekeeping services including PFA Standby, Child Custody exchanges and Property exchanges.

Any court related duties as supported by PA ACT 44 - 1994 or PA ACT 49 - 2009 or other state laws or state rules of court adminstration..

Prisoner Transport (SUV's with prisoner partitions; each seats 2 Constables forward of partition and 3 - 6 prisoners).

Courtroom Security / Bailiff functions.

Lockup / Holding Cell / Prisoner Detention functions.

Please contact via webform, email or telephone if any questions.